Empowered Parent Program

What if I told you that you had the power to stop your child's constant emotional and behavioral outburts? 


I was too, until we dug in, tested, tracked, and discovered what really works. Now I have created the 7 step Program that took my home from the constant chaos and to more predictable, calmer, happy days. No more walking on eggshells around my special needs child. No more wondering how we are going to make it through the day. No more feeling helpless and isolated because no one understands. And you can see results like this in as little as 4-6 weeks! The video below is outlines what we did to stop our daughter's constant emotional and behavioral meltdowns from hours a day to mer minutes. AND...You can too!. 

:::TO RECAP:::


  • Decrease outbursts, meltdowns, tantrums
  • Less Resistance to non-preferred tasks / Faster Compliance
  • Easier Transitions between tasks/activities
  • Prevent unwanted behaviors
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Moods and longer periods of stable moods
  • Improved Learning at school
  • Improved Social & Communication Skills
  • Less worry about phone calls / emails/ texts from school
  • Greater Understanding of what's happening to your child & how to handle it
  • Peace of Mind for parents



  • It's Comprehensive and treats the whole situation. Otherwise, you have to piece meal all this by going to 6 other professions/diagnosis and then it those are only intended to help your child. What about the rest of the family struggling? What if your child has multiple struggles?
  • Save IMMENSE amount of time across multiple fields
  • It will help EVERY Family have their needs met
  • It's from a REAL Parenting perspective, not a clinical anecdote, no mumbo jumbo.
  • We are there EVERY Step of the way. Available exactly when you need us. 


  • Child is having constant meltdowns, tantrums, aggression, depression, and anxiety
  • Child’s sleep patterns are unpredictable, they toss and turn, can’t fall asleep, or stay asleep
  • Child is struggling in their learning environment
  • Child is fighting with siblings or other family members
  • Home feels chaotic & overwhelming
  • Exhausted



  • Making Sense of Munchkin: A Mother's Journey to Calm with a Special Needs Child.  (191 Pages filled with Real stores, Real Techniques, Real Parenting Truth) - $15 Value
  • A 27 page Workbook  filled with Step-by-Step Actions - $15 Value
  • Step-by-Step Videos to Walk You Through Each Step - $50 Value
  • Access Directly to Me for One-on-One Help - $150 Value
  • Extra Bonus Resources to Make Each Step a Breeze - $20 Value

As you can see, I could easily charge $250+ for this program, but I don't want the price to be out of the reach of struggling parents. The need is far to great. Don't wait. Start your transformation today and begin taking these steps towards TRANSFORMATION and to get off that constant rollercoaster of meltdowns, behavioral outburts, and tantrums. Order now! 

Limited Time Introductory Price of $79 





DISCLAIMERS First off, I am not a doctor. I do not have a degree in child psychology, occupational therapy, or behavioral science. I am not a certified teacher, nor am I therapist. I am not lawyer and cannot speak to legal law on the subjects of IEP, 504 plans, or custody issues. My advice is based on my own personal experiences of being in the trenches fighting with these issues since my daughter was 18 months old. These tips are the actual steps that we took to create calm in our home.