Kids are NOT Adults

  • 1 August 2017
  • Kristi
Parents, your kids are not adults. Reset your expectations

A couple of weeks ago, we went to our local amusement park for the day. The weather was beautiful and we were excited. This was the first time Munchkin would have an opportunity to try out some of the bigger roller coasters and rides. My husband and I treated it like a massive experiment. We had no idea how she would respond to the noise, the rides, the crowds, etc. We went in with ZERO expectations of what rides we were going to try. We let Munchkin lead the way. I was delighted that she tried so many rides and got on 2 very big roller coasters; even after the first one scared her. 

What saddened me, was how many parents were acting like BIG kids throwing fits when their kids weren't doing what they wanted and they were belittling them when they were struggling. In this video I layout the single most important concept that we need to get over as parents....Kids are NOT Adults! 

The amusement park is supposed to fun. A place to play, challenge all your senses, and connect with family/friends. As a parent the amusement park is more about your kids than YOU. (Sorry.) Which means you may not be getting on that many rides; and truth be told, I only rode two the whole day. My warning to you, is to have massive amounts of flexibility. Ridged lists, scheduling of rides, and expectations of all you think you are going to do, is only going to set you up for massive disappointment. 




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