Breakthrough: My Word for 2020

  • 19 December 2019
  • Kristi

Before the start of every year, I choose a word. One word that I want to define the upcoming year. You would think selecting this word would be easy, but it is not. See, this word needs to encompass all your goals, dreams, and hope for the upcoming year. This word will become your mantra for the year. This one word will be your guiding light for how hard you'll work going forward. It has to be just right. 

My words of the past years have been; 

2016 - Breathe

2017 - Share

2018 - Family 

After much deliberation and reflection with myself, my word for 2020 is BREAKTHROUGH. 

This is the year of Breakthroughs, as the columniation of all my hard work on various fronts pays off big and new, exciting things start to happen. For example, I have been fighting Hypothyroidism that lead to weight gain for the last 2 years. I have seen 3 doctors across several fields and my choices were, " we don't believe you", "you're just destine to have weight gain with age.", and "I can help, but it will cost you $5000K." Well, I have taken it into my own hands and I am already seeing my hard work pay off with smaller measurements, feeling better, sleeping better, and weight loss...but this is the year where I get back down to the weight I was before my thyroid went haywire. 

This is the year that the on-line retail business I have with my Mom and Daughter moves from fun hobby to full blown business, providing us with more means to build retirement, grow savings, give more, take family trips, complete projects, and more financial freedom. 

This is the year where I Breakthrough unpacking and getting our home in order. We've only been in our home about 6 months and there are still undressed windows, unsorted boxes, and blank walls missing family photos. It is time to take this shell of a house and make it a home that reflects our family. 

This is the year where the Empowered Parent Program really takes off. The Breakthrough where I can help other struggling parents find their own Breakthroughs on how to bring more calm to their situations, building amazing relationships with their children, and grow in ways they never expected.

Yes! This is the year of BREAKTHROUGHS. I can feel it. What is your word for 2020?  


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