7 Games to Help Learn Math

  • 30 August 2019
  • Kristi
7 Games to Help Learn Math

It seems that whenever you see a child struggle with certain subjects, Math is in the top 3. In our experience, I found that teaching math out of context only makes learning it harder, but when you give a child a real life scenario (that they can relate too), it becomes easier to understand. This is also one of the biggest reasons we unschool and in our unschooling we play a ton of games. Our games include, board games, card games, and on-line games. Today I have rounded up 7 of our all time favorites. These will cover basic Math concepts; adding, subtracting, working with money, multiplication, fractions, division. 

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1.) Sums in Space - this game can be played as an individual competition or as a team with 3 levels of difficulty. It focuses on adding and subtracting up to 9, greater than, less than, odds, and evens. 2-4 players and for ages 5+. 

2.) Money Bags - this game focuses on adding and subtracting money up to $3.00. Kids learn to recognize coins and bills, as well as, making change all while playing a fun game earning funds for doing various items. 2-4 players, for ages 5+

3.) Real World Math - this game focuses on adding and subtracting money in the $100s of dollars, while teaching kids the basics of keeping a check ledger. That means you can do manual math on paper, or using a calculator, while writing your answers in the ledger. 2-6 players, for age 8+ 

4.) Pet Me -  this is a super fun way to learn visual division while they help adopt and rescue the animals along the way. Players have access to manipulatives to help with division problems. This game follows the guidelines of common core and Singapore Math. 2-4 players, for ages 8+ 

5.) Monkey Fractions Matching - this is a great game to introduce fractions in a visual way while also enhancing memory skills. Students try to match the correct written fraction with the picture representation. 2 players for ages 6+

6.) Abcya.com - this online game center is wonderful. It is free if you don't mind ads. However, for a month fee your child doesn't have to deal with ads and it opens up even more games. We've used many of these games across multiple subjects for grades pre-K to 5th grade.  Some of our favorite math games are; Multiplication Mine, Math Man, Math Stack, & Monster Mansion Matching. 

7.) Prodigy - this online game takes your child on a Math quest. Once again, it does have a limited free option. However, the premium membership provides a better learning environment, better skills tracking, and students can earn special rewards. You can set your child's goals and grade level skills. Skills progress as the student progresses in the game.

Of course, there are tons more out there we still have left to discover. Plus classics I did not include here; like Monopoly and Blackjack. We are looking at a couple more on-line math sites such as Math Games.com, Funbrain, and Math Playground. I will let you know how those go. 

If you have a Math game that you and your child adore, please comment below.  








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